Celebrating National Siblings Day

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This National Siblings Day, we asked Billy Seddon, our Land Director, what it’s like working alongside his brother, Jack Seddon, who is our Construction Director.

Let’s see what he said…

How do you find working together?

It is good fun. We have always been close brothers on a friendship level, but we are fortunate in that we both entered the property world from different angles, so my strengths lie towards the beginning of the process, identifying and acquiring opportunities, whilst Jack’s strengths and experience lie in project management and construction. Consequently, in the business we have been able to divide our roles and responsibilities according to our experience, which works well.

Is there any sibling rivalry?

Of course! Everything becomes exceptionally competitive whether it be playing pool at the pub, a game of tennis, or a race on the ski slopes, but Jack realised from an early age that he will come second in pretty much most things we do….

What is the biggest advantage of working with your brother?

There are many advantages, but trust is a big one! We are also able to have healthy debates and can “cut to the chase” when decisions need to be made. There are never any hard feelings because we both know that we only have the best intentions of the business at heart. Working with family goes back several generations and we very much share the same values.

Did you know… our business origins date back to 1897 when brothers George and John Seddon, left the coal mines and founded their own business, equipped only with a handcart and their ambition.

Now, Jack and Billy represent the fifth generation of Seddon family in the building industry, with a wealth of experience and 120 years of construction heritage, innovation and integrity.

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