Meet the Edgefold Homes Team…

Meet the Edgefold Homes Team… Thumbnail

Get to know Angela Darling our Office and Accounts Manager, who’s been with the Edgefold Homes team for two and a half years.

We’ve asked her the following questions…

What’s your favourite part of the job?
It’s hard to pick out just one…. What I love about working at Edgefold is that our team love to bounce ideas around with everyone having a chance to share their views. It makes for a positive environment, where you feel heard and your opinion valued.

Collectively it’s those decisions that ensure Edgefold build quality homes with incredible thought and attention going into every detail. The details are important to us, something we are proud of and our customers absolutely love.

Who’s your biggest inspiration?
My Sister…. Her positive attitude to life and people, she has overcome so much over the years and is still smiling, always with love and compassion. If she wasn’t my sister I’d still choose her to be my best friend.

What’s your go to lunch?
Bang Bang Chicken, failing that soup is always a great back up.

What do you listen to on the way to work?
if my daughter’s in the car KISSTORY, she loves the throwbacks but really doesn’t like me singing along …. If I’m alone, then it’s Capital breakfast with Roman Kemp, love his ‘Mega hard Super quiz’….usually get to at least level 3 or 4…..have never failed on round 1 and have on occasion made it to round 5 😊 but have never joined the Elite ☹️

Thanks Angela, we look forward to our next ‘Meet the Team’ in a couple of weeks time!