Get to know our Senior Site Manager, Paul Whittaker, who started with the team at Edgefold Homes in February 2021. Read on to find out more about his job, inspiration and his musical past!

What’s the favourite part of your job? Working for a smaller house builder with a true family feel about it. Here at Edgefold you really are not just a number, everyone gets on really well, everyone gets to have a say and everyone is listened to. I really enjoy coming to work at a place where we are building peoples dreams, were doing it safely and to a very high standard but at the same time you can have laugh, it’s a happy place to work and you get to do all that in what is honestly the best working atmosphere I’ve ever worked in.

Who’s your biggest inspiration? My Dad who we lost last year, he was born in the middle of WWII so grew up with literally nothing. Determination and hard work saw him start work at the Liverpool Stock Exchange before being asked to move into the London Stock Exchange. For the rest of his life, he played the Stock Exchange even after changed careers and moved into the world of computers and computer programming. He taught me to stand up for yourself, respect people regardless of what they do or who they are, treat everyone as you would like to be treated and speak to everyone in the same polite way, whether he is the labourer on site or the CEO.

What’s your go to lunch? A sandwich, which I must admit is normally made by my wife and if that happens to be accompanied by a tin of soup on the side all the better. You just can’t beat sandwiches and soup!

What do you listen to on the way to work? That’s a tough one, I love music and I’ve a huge eclectic taste when it comes to listening to music. I’ve volunteered at local hospital radio for over 20 years so don’t particularly listen to one radio station or DJ as I like the variation. Like a lot of people, these days I’ve access to literally millions of tracks via my various gadgets, so normally I’ll randomly select one type of genre and listen to whatever comes on. I do like discovering new artists/groups etc that I’ve not listened to before and I do tend to lean towards singers who have a little gravel in their voice.

Thanks Paul!

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