Welcome to Alderwood Gardens Hedgehog Highway

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Edgefold Homes has introduced a hedgehog highway at Alderwood Gardens, to make it easier for these beloved British beasties to find food, shelter and mates.

A ‘hedgehog highway’ is a simple concept, where small holes in garden fences enable hedgehogs to roam more freely and safely, finding food while avoiding traffic.
The number of UK hedgehogs has declined drastically in recent years and we’re proud to help protect this prickly population.

EdgefoldSite Manager Paul Whittaker has been instrumental in implementing this wildlife initiative:

“I’ve had a soft spot for hedgehogs since my wife and I found one that needed a bit of TLC about 10 years ago. We now have five hedgehog houses in the garden, and two natural dens, as well as a feeding station.

“Hedgehog highways are just small holes that make a really big difference for local wildlife. They allow hedgehogs to access gardens more easily to find food, make nests and find mates, without using up all their energy. The hope is that Edgefold customers will get involved by leaving the hedgehog holes open, and keeping gardens hedgehog friendly.

“You can find out more and become a ‘Hedgehog Champion’ at hedgehogstreet.org

Did you know? – The average hedgehog roams 2km a night. – There were an estimated 1.5 million UK hedgehogs in 1995, today there is believed to be less than 500,000. – Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t give hedgehogs milk. – Baby hedgehogs are called hoglets, and the average litter size is about four or five.

Paul’s Top Tips for hedgehog welfare:

– They can eat dog food, but the meaty loaf type is the best as the gravy ones can be tricky for them to digest. They can also eat small dry cat food.

– The golden rule with hedgehogs is; if you see them out during the day they are in trouble and need help.

– If you find one that needs help, never give it food. Pick it up carefully (with thick gloves), wrap it in a towel to keep warm, put it in a deep box with paper at the bottom in case of any accidents, and get it to your local vets.

Sales Manager Kirstie Wooley praised the idea: “It’s great to have the hedgehog highway at our new development. The holes are small and unobtrusive, making it an easy way for homeowners to welcome wildlife into their gardens without really having to do much.

Hopefully it will have a really positive impact on the hedgehog population in the area and save them from having to make too many road crossings.”

If you want to go a step further and make your local hedgehogs feel even more at home, The Wildlife Trust has advice on how to create a hedgehog house for your garden.

Alderwood Gardens, is a development of 31 new family homes and a Hedgehog Highway, in the village of Aston near Nantwich, by Edgefold Homes. The 3 and 4 bedroom family homes which benefit from traditional brick construction and have been designed specifically for this location using local architectural details.

Discover our Hedgehog Highway for yourself at our Alderwood Gardens development.

Below is the development plan of Alderwood Gardens and the pink crosses show where the Hedgehog Highway